Saturday, June 16, 2018


  CWDI GAMES - Since 2014 - Software Developer/Graphic Artist

Completed Software Projects

amariah graphic design software

I programmed amariah and use amariah instead of Adobe products - Devan Hawkins

Talon - an editor extension for Unity in When activated turns the Unity editor into a drawing application and allows users to create their own 2d sprites/images inside the Unity editor and save the images to their project sub folders.

Software Projects Currently In Development

4X Space Time - A new 4x space strategy game in development.
Currently a new 3D modeler is being developed for the shipyard in 4X Space Time and then work on the base game will continue.

Daisy - A drawing application which makes mirror/symmetrical drawing very simple for novices and professional graphic artists alike. Is currently in beta and available for PC, Max OS X, and Linux(Ubuntu). Daisy has live symmetrical drawing implemented, allows users to import/create their own brushes, and allows users to edit brush strokes on the canvas by changing the color, rotation, and position of brush strokes on the canvas. Daisy also allows users to draw 3D art the same way they draw 2D art. The following images were created using Daisy version 0.6.

The latest retail version of Daisy is 0.57 and is available for purchase at

Leaving My Mark -- amariah Design

Buy an iPhone case or Samsung Galaxy case or a pillow case featuring artwork I created using amariah :) All orders are securely processed on PayPal's website protecting your private information.
These items are custom made so expect them to arrive within 2-3 weeks after placing your order. You will receive tracking info when they ship.Visit amariah Design.

If you're a company interested in hiring me and I've given you my phone number you may call me. Otherwise please contact me using the contact page on the CWDI GAMES website.

If you're interested in helping me pay off student loans or want to help fund my work and ideas please buy my products.

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