Saturday, June 16, 2018


This post was first created June 16, 2018 and has been updated as the projects listed are developed/added.

My name is Devan Hawkins. I'm a computer science student but have real world experience in programming games and applications for productivity/creativity uses. I started my college career in accounting and found I was good at it but I was bored out of my mind. I switched my major to computer science

CWDI GAMES logo main website - My first huge project. I programmed my own graphic design software that does live mirror/symmetrical drawing and continue to create artwork with it. - a 4x grand strategy game similar to Master of Orion and Galactic Civilizations pc games. I began planning 4X Space Time November 2016 and then started developing February 8, 2017. It takes a team of developers at least a few years to put something like this out and I'm doing it by myself. I want to show employers I can plan and stick with very long term projects.
4XST Main Menu - The next generation of amariah graphic design software. I'm making this with Unity. The beta of Daisy is available for purchase as a digital download. Currently it is a drawing app that incorporates mirror/symmetrical drawing and saves images as png files. Users can also create and/or import their own brushes. The end goal with Daisy is to allow users to also draw and export 3D models to disk in .OBJ format. The following images were created using Daisy version 0.59, the latest retail version.

amariah logo - online store I started January 2019 selling my artwork I create using amariah. Some merchandise available for sale on amariah Design is shown below.

Also if you'd like to donate to help me with school expenses and fund my projects you may donate using PayPal.